Shirin Houston


Describing herself as an abstract expressionist, Shirin uses paintings to express her emotions and explore her own artistic vocabulary.

Her work is characterised by informal composition, delicate tonal variation and a quiet, luminous beauty.

Having experienced life in both the Middle East and in Europe, she has an intimate grasp of contrasting cultures and is interested in exploring the concepts of time and place through art. She sees her work as a journey through her environment, whether domestic or political, and her thoughts and feeling are reflected in each canvas.

A graduate of Behzad Art Institute in Tehran, at the age of 18 Shirin moved to Britain and studied at Bath Academy of Art and the University of West London. In Tehran, she learned and practiced all the basic concepts of art in painting, through exploring examples of everything from traditional Persian miniatures to modern European art. In the UK she gained an HND in Graphic Design.

Shirin paints mainly in oil but also uses other media on occasion including chalk and acrylic. She is moved to paint by the landscape and the natural world, particularly water, and by poetry and songs. She is influenced by many other artists including Cezanne, Matisse, Mondrian, Pollock, Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon. She lives and works in London, but spends every summer at a gallery studio in the South of France where she finds the climate and the quality of the light inspirational. She has held numerous successful solo exhibitions in London and across the UK as well as in St Tropez and she has private collectors across Europe. 

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