A Private View with Toby Mulligan at Mayfair


6.00pm - 8.30pm

We are privileged to welcome you to come and view an exhibition of distinctive contemporary figures and landscapes by Toby Mulligan in Mayfair gallery this April.

Toby admires a wide range of artistic traditions, but has leaned over the years not to be bound by them, but to paint how and what he likes. When he begins a piece, he does not prepare with sketches or planning, but simply starts to paint or draw, and each work is intuitive and spontaneous, Toby was commissioned to paint tennis star Roger Federer in 2014 for the player’s annual charity gala in Geneva, and his work is in private collections around the world, including Mick Jagger’s chateau in France. A painting of one of his daughters was a major public success too. Entitled  ‘About Time’, the portrait was selected for the BP Portrait Award 2012. It was hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London throughout the summer and is currently in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. Toby has also made a number of films painting portraits for Winsor and Newton, Liquitex and Cass Art and he has been filmed painting for Sky Arts TV for a forthcoming show.

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