Al Saralis


The luminous and lyrical figurative paintings of Al Saralis are composed around a solitary figure set against a backdrop which is deliberately stripped of narrative.

They have a haunting beauty and an enduring, almost other-worldly fascination which, time and again, evokes a deeply personal reaction from viewers.

Al’s work has been featured widely in the press since he was named as one of the top 10 British artists to invest in by leading USA art publication ‘Complex’. Most recently he was featured Creative Boom magazine for his moving and beautiful portraits.

Al is currently exploring the connection between humanity and nature through his art. Inspired by a short poem from American writer Robert Frost entitled Nothing Gold Can Stay, his most recent series of works reflects this. One of the most important messages of the poem is that once we recognise how fleeting and precious life is we will appreciate it all the more and will learn to take advantage of the beauty and joy to be found in every passing moment. The theme of these works, along with the style, the composition and the execution is both classical and contemporary which is again attuned with the poet’s fascination with time and the quality of timelessness which is so elegantly evoked.

Influenced by the classical beauty of Renaissance painting and intrigued by the changing representations of the human form through history, Al has studied and taught life drawing for many years, believing it to be a skill that should be constantly practiced. Working from his own photo shoots and a portfolio of photographs and sketches he has built up over many years, he creates his painterly portraits in oil using brushes and palette knives to give a highly textured, impasto impression of radiant beauty and exquisite beauty.

Al was born and brought up in the industrial valleys area of South Wales, but he now lives and works in rural Hampshire. Since he graduated with a degree in Fine Art, the human figure has been his main source of inspiration. He currently exhibits at a number of galleries in the UK and at international fairs from New York to Singapore, and has recently sold work to collectors in France, Germany, USA and Australia.

Al Saralis media