Alejandro Hermann


Alejandro has established an enviable reputation as an innovative artist of great talent and artistic maturity.

Alejandro Hermann’s work ranges through a wide area, from nature and wildlife at its most mesmerising to contemporary political narrative, but whatever the message of the day, there is always both passion and grandeur to be found in his large scale statement canvases. Alejandro adheres to the principles of the Renaissance, believing that art should have realism, intensity and beauty, which is seen perhaps most clearly in his wildlife portraiture. Alongside this however, there is a modernity to his work as he toys with abstraction on occasion, and strives to convey the truths and messages that have come down across the generations but are still relevant to 21st century society. This combination of intentions has led to a genuinely fascinating oeuvre, and has won Alejandro both critical acclaim and a keen following of discerning collectors. Austrian by nationality, Alejandro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After studying in Brazil he travelled to Europe and began to work at the Argentine embassy in Paris. In 1986 he moved to Vienna, where he began his career as an artist. In 1974 he visited Marbella and was transfixed by the beautiful coastal city set against the dramatic backdrop of the Sierra Blanca mountains. He fell in love with it and after 20 years, he finally relocated. With his home and studio now set up on the Costa del Sol, he decided to devote himself entirely to his life as an artist.

He is based in Marbella, but his works has been exhibited across Europe and North and South America, and they grace the private collections of many important and influential individuals. “In the peace and in the stillness of my own inner vision I find my strength and creativity.”

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