Aubrey Higgin


Aubrey is a British artist whose positive and vital paintings capture the movement and energy of nature using vivid colours.

A beautiful sunset unfurling its colours across the sky, the fine detail of a particularly exquisite flower, or the way the light reflects off the shimmering water of a lily pond, these are the subjects that allow his imagination to roam free across the canvas. Painting exclusively in oils, he creates thick horizontal strokes with the palette knife, using repeated lines to give some structure and order to the untamed chaos of his chosen subject. This sculptural approach brings impact, drama and most of all, movement into each piece, reflecting the vitality of the natural world. The rich, impasto texture and the way he layers and removes paint through scraping, scratching and building up the surface gives the paintings a layer of nuance which allows the viewer to continuously see new things.

Aubrey was selected as one of eight artists for the 2018 exhibition – ‘Emerging Artists; An Edit’ at London’s Dorchester Hotel, an event to celebrate artists who are ‘shaping the future of art’.

Work is sold in cities across Europe and around the world, from Santa Monica to Dubai. High profile collectors include the Earl and Countess of Derby and film director and philanthropist Charlie Annenberg.

“I want the paint to feel almost as if it’s alive - dancing on the surface.”

Aubrey Higgin media