Beatriz Elorza


Beatriz Elorza’s large-scale, abstract paintings aim to convey her emotions through colour and create a personal pictorial language. 

Beatriz Elorza’s paintings feature a strong sense of depth, which derives from both her knowledge of architecture (the field in which she began her career) and the importance of the landscape of her hometown; “Santander is present in all of my paintings yet nature is always at the back of my mind, no matter in which big city I live, I always look for the beauty of nature.”

During the creative process her work constantly evolves as she explores the balance between spontaneity and control, yet there remains an element of spatial depth. Beatriz avoids the presence of a horizon line, thus departing from classical conceptions of space and allowing the viewer to set their own parameters as to her, nature is a pretext to combine and express the dynamism and tensions of her unconscious self. Always using four colours or fewer, she employs a wide range of media including inks, pigment powders and acrylics. Though her ethereal canvases have a sense of calm, her use of colour spots, drips, and mark making convey her fearless and intuitive process while animating the elements of each image into something strong and vital. Beatriz has won multiple awards including: International Artist Award (1st Runner-up) World Art Dubai 2018, Young Masters Art Prize Alumna 2017 and the London Ibero-American Arts award 2016 and her work was selected for the Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, 2017 and 2016.

Beatriz Elorza media