Charles Rowbotham


Charles Rowbotham's work reflects his fascination with the interaction of people and places in the context of city life.

Charles Rowbotham is one of the most exciting and accomplished young British artists to emerge in recent years. His arresting urban narratives create a loose impression of a moment, but show enough for the audience to identify with elements of the scene. In his paintings, he offers us a snapshot of someone else’s life for just for a moment, and then leaves us to write the story, or make up the remaining frames.

Film has been a major influence on Charles, and he has always loved the way that a cinematic experience can transport the viewer into a different world.

In addition to many successful solo shows in London he has enjoyed some superb joint show with the country’s leading impressionist artist Sherree Valentine Daines.

“For me painting is a human way of capturing moments in the places where people meet and talk."

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