Claire Grose


Claire’s stunning oil paintings originate in the inspirational nature of light within the landscape and seascape. Influenced by Turner and Sisley.

Claire spends as much time as she can walking or running with her dog in the beautiful South Downs countryside that surrounds her home, and inspiration often strikes during these expeditions. She will usually start working on the composition ‘en plein air’ (outdoors  on location), creating small tonal sketches, pastels or small oils which she brings back to her garden studio to use as reference material and ideas to build on.

As well as painting on location near her Sussex home, Claire has travelled in the UK and further afield in search of inspiration. She has a strong connection with Devon, and loves to paint around Lymington in the area she was born and the Isle of Wight, as well as in France where she often holidays. She has also spent several years painting and exhibiting in Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Claire says: “anywhere where there is a landscape, I never run out of inspiration!”

“I want to describe in my paintings how I feel about the nature surrounding me. I spend time studying and immersing myself in the landscape and then respond to this in my chosen art. My work because represents an emotional response to what I see and  each piece has a strong sense of calm.”

Claire Grose media