Craig Alan


Craig’s extraordinary artistic vision is created with a unique combination of technical skill, creativity and wit.

Each piece reflects his distinctive and highly recognisable take on life, where it is the small details that work together to create the big picture.

A characteristic blend of disparate influences and media is visually apparent in his breathtaking work, in which he uses his exquisite figures as the fabric with which to weave complex compositions. His uniquely creative approach also demonstrates both technical sophistication and elaborate imagination.

Craig was born in 1971 in San Bernardino, California, but his artistic talent began to emerge when hisfamily moved to New Orleans in his youth. It was here that his capacity for detailed visual interpretation took root. In this city by the sea, rich in its culture and outlets for creative expression, Craig began exploring his own ingenious impulses. His earliest experimentation took the form of street portraiture, an endeavor that helped him perfect his flair for replicating the human figure.

Craig studied art at Mobile, Alabama, winning award for academic excellence. The university’s most prestigious exhibition, “Art with a Southern Drawl,” featured 42 of Craig’s pieces, chosen from a field of more than 1,600 submissions. He has exhibited his work across the United States to great acclaim and is now making an impact on the UK market.

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