Francesca Cesarini


Hyper realistic investigations of nature

Like a great portrait artist who looks beyond the face to give us the character of their sitter, Francesca’s mesmerising florals look beyond the beauty of each flower and show us the life within them.  Born in Rome in 1970, she graduated first from the prestigious Rome III Art School and then completed a degree in painting restoration at the Institute of Italian Art and Crafts and Restoration. She honed her love, knowledge and understanding of art history by working as a restorer and researcher for seven years but always painted, finally becoming a full time artist in 1999. Her interest in nature combined with her desire to uncover hidden truths through her art led her to painting the hyper-realistic florals in oil which have won her great acclaim, first at home in Italy but now in the wider collecting community.  

She creates a still-life arrangement in her studio or works from her own photographs, so she is able to view every detail at close range.

Early in her career she was noticed and honoured with a commission to paint Archbishop Monsignor Francesco Marchisano, a member of the Vatican’s inner circle.

She has participated in many important exhibitions including Homage to Caravaggio in Rome and her solo shows have brought her increasingly to the notice of galleries and collectors.

Francesca Cesarini media