Jeffrey Pratt


There is a dynamism and clarity of colour in Jeffrey’s paintings which, combined with a strong economic understanding of composition, makes his works vibrant and exciting.

As he himself puts it: “For me, the constant shifting of light, colour, and weather is a magical, joyful and spiritual experience.”

Jeffrey was born in 1940, and despite early signs of talent, strong parental disapproval prevented him from undertaking a traditional art school training. However with part time training at St. Martins School of Art, and huge freelance effort, by 1986 he had begun exhibiting regularly in America. Jeffrey began a full-time painting career only after his family had grown up and his business had passed over to his son Dominic.

This enormously frustrating early period now fuels an unquenchable passion for colour and light, `en plein air’ painting giving full rein to bold brushwork and a quick vigorous build-up of excitement and colour. Every painting provides the challenge of capturing fleeting light, early sun or coming rain, or worse, the subject matter simply moving away!

Recent and prolonged painting trips in Europe, Africa, Turkey and India have provided an abundance of subject matter. In company with many painters, Jeffrey finds that both southern France and Africa consistently provide him with fine light and subject matter.

Jeffrey’s paintings are collected world-wide and have been exhibited in Singapore, Jamaica and the USA including one man shows in Memphis, Jackson and Florida; London Galleries include Cricket Fine Art, The Kenulf, Lloyds of London, Park Street Gallery and London Contemporary Art Fair.

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