John and Elli Milan


A unique marriage of hearts and minds.

John and Elli Milan are a unique partnership in the world of fine art. A married couple, both highly trained and with many years’ experience, they create their vibrant abstract paintings together, collaborating fully on each work artistically, intellectually and physically. John and Elli are both accomplished artists in their own right, but this collaboration brings out a depth and intensity in their work that neither could reach by themselves.

Their artwork is vigorous and spontaneous, and the layers of paint create a bright and playful scenario that is interwoven with hints of narrative.

The Milans have travelled extensively to Greece, and these trips have inspired their artwork and life.

A fascination with contemporary buildings built around old ruins and the visible layers of history have become a metaphor for the way they view their art, building the avant garde on classic foundations.

John and Elli Milan media