Richard Burel


Celebrated for his humorous and colourful townscapes and his original and highly recognisable style.

Each scene has a simple narrative which is brought to life by the introduction of figures and structural details that have amused him or fired his imagination. He has travelled extensively, from European cities like Paris, Rome and Venice to the exotic parallel universe of Havana, and his work is informed by the diverse architectural styles, colours, tones and textures that he has encountered on his way.

Employing a technique of layering paint and collage, Richard incorporates rich, jewel like colours and creates an extravagant visual treat.

Using a variety of tools he adds pastels, inks and gold leaf creating a sense of depth that draws the viewer in to his world of vivid colour and quirky charm.

Born in 1974 in Rouen in France, Richard is a self taught artist. His work has been warmly received in exhibitions at many leading British Art Galleries.

Richard Burel media