Visual hedonism meets stringent classicism in Royo’s radiant figures.

Celebrated Spanish painter Royo is a true artist in every sense. His deeply poetic nature comes across strongly in his work which explores the myriad combinations of light and colour that come to together to express the grace and beauty of the female form. Sunlight slanting across a skein of fabric or shimmering on an exposed shoulder gives a vibrant intensity to each creative masterpiece.

His unfettered brushstrokes and heavy impasto combine to create something alive, brimming with suppressed movement and a uniquely luminous sensuality.

Royo was successful in a number of prestigious competitions and his work came to the notice of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. He was commissioned to paint the royal portraits and subsequently overwhelmed with commissions to paint prominent politicians and society figures.

“The best thing about light is the shadow.”

“I seek the eternal beauty of the feminine.”         

Royo media