Silvio Porzionato


Exploring the concept of solitude through portraiture

The large scale statement portraits of Sylvio Porzionato have made him one of Italy’s most acclaimed emerging artists and won him a huge array of impressive accolades. His first exhibition was in 2007 and within a year he was selected for the Mondadori Art Prize. This led to a high national profile and was followed up by several awards including

the Critics’ Prize at Saluzzo Art and an invitation to create a permanent art exhibit for the Museum of Urban Art in Turin. Silvio takes photographs of family and friends, or models whose features interest him and uses them as material for his work.

His intention is “to underline the supremacy of the inner self as opposed to that of the physical body.”

In 2011 he was chosen for inclusion in the 54 Biennale of Venice, exhibiting inside both the Piedmont Pavilion and the Pavilion of Italy in Turin, Sala Nervi.

In 2013 he realised three installations comprising 112 paintings for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sicily, which brought him to the wider notice of Europe.

His most recent exhibitions were held in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, London and Istanbul and he is a huge international presence on social media.

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