Tim Steward


A combination of relaxed modern traveller and rigorous classical artist.

Tim’s highly sought-after architectural and figurative drawings have brought him to prominence over the last decade, and many are on permanent display in prestigious public venues ranging from Queens College Chapel in Oxford to Westminster Hall.  Always on the move, from London to Paris, from Florence to Venice, he draws on Europe’s rich architectural heritage with his easel slung over his shoulder.

While his work resonates with a sense of history and context, it also has an energy and animation that gives it an impact and edge that is unmistakably contemporary.

Tim applies pastel, charcoal and raw pigment with confidence but also with a remarkable lightness of touch, achieving an extraordinary range of nuance within his distinctive black and white world.

By layering the heavier pigments he creates an intense shade of black to contrast with the charcoals he applies with fingers and thumbs. 

Tim Steward media