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Antonio Sannino Original Paintings

Antonio Sannino's art is highly sought after and for good reason. Sannino focuses on themes such as cityscapes and landscapes, capturing world-famous cities such as London, Rome, and Manhattan. Sannino also captures waterscapes of the sea, the surface of water and all its reflections. Antonio Sannino captures moments in time on his camera before translating them into paintings on a canvas using oil with brushes and spatulas for effect. His unique style uses sharp strokes and interruptions to create a subtle shimmer. Antonio Sannino paintings are perfect for contemporary collectors offering a subtle blend of naturalist and abstract art styles.

Antonio Sannino Artist Information

Antonio Sannino Artist Biography Image
Antonio Sannino Artist Biography Image


Antonio’s innovative portrayals of the urban landscape and the surface of water hover between the abstract and the figurative. Born in Naples in 1959, he has dedicated his whole life to painting, studying art by tracing the footsteps of Italian masters across Europe. He paints cities from London to Rome, but his first love is Manhattan thanks to the tall geometric buildings which inspire him with their “sharp strokes and interruptions – the finished and the unfinished.” He uses his camera to catch the best light in his pictures, that moment when everything seems to be frozen and timeless, and paints onto aluminium, applying oils with brushes, spatulas and fingers. He adds and removes the paint constantly until he achieves the subtle shimmer that is unique to his work. He finishes each piece with a resin glaze gives an additional reflective elements adding to the overall impact.

His works are highly sought after and he has received considerable acclaim for many solo Exhibitions across Europe, the USA and Japan.

His originals achieve high prices and are in considerable demand internationally.

“The beauty of the landscape is enhanced by the beauty of the light. It is the light that I paint, and the beauty of the landscape unfolds.”