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BNS Original Art

Growing up in Buenos Aires, BNS has been influenced by the skateboarding and graffiti scene taking recognisable faces and transforming them into pieces of creative street art. BNS changes our perspective of beauty and fame through the clever use of frenzied bursts of colour, ingenuity and dry humour. If you're looking for a pop of contemporary art in your collection, our range of BNS originals is just the artwork you're looking for.

BNS Artist Information

BNS Artist Biography Image
BNS Artist Biography Image


The high-octane street art of BNS takes the most iconic faces of our time out of their comfort zones and catapults them into a world where nothing is what they, or we, expect. His company of bespoke-suited Storm troopers or a tatted-out Audrey Hepburn overturn the familiar tropes of popular culture, merging characters and ideas in a way that is creative, charismatic and completely original. Within this frenzied burst of colour, ingenuity and dry humour, BNS invites us to re-examine our perspective on beauty and fame in a contemporary world where media and communication connects us all far more closely than we realise.

Growing up in Buenos Aires, BNS was a part of the skateboarding and graffiti scene, before he left for New York City where he spent a decade creating the murals and street art which made his name. Although he now works in his studios in Barcelona or Brooklyn, his overall aesthetic is still inextricably linked to his background as a street artist, and he uses the same tools including his own mops to create the bubble letters and tags which appear throughout his work.

Combining aerosol paint, acrylics, silkscreen, inks, collage and photography in his compositions, BNS builds each one with around 20 layers, at least 10 of which are made with different silkscreens, and in some cases finishes them with multiple coats of resin to make the colours pop even more. Every element of each piece is handcrafted - even the silkscreens are hand-pulled and the wooden panels and frames are hand-mitred and sanded - and he mixes his own colours to create a personal distinctive palette, giving every piece its own unique character and story.