Ceve Artist Biography Image
Ceve Artist Biography Image


French pop artist Cévé’s luminous contemporary sculptures seamlessly combine two very different worlds – high end luxury and childhood innocence. Her show stopping resin with silver coating and gloss finish teddy bears are characterised by a purity of line and a sleek, reflective finish which lend a sophisticated edge to the ingenuous subject matter. Created, designed and hand-crafted in France, they represent an intersection of style, humour and empathy, and have been charming audiences around the world since 2005.

Cévé creates her sculptures not just as showpieces to be observed and admired, but as tactile works of art that we are invited to engage with on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. She is passionate about restoring our personal connection with childhood and points out: “Most of us have timeless memories with a teddy bear so why not bring that childhood innocence back into our lives every day. Art that can have this impact on our life and soul. That is what makes us young forever!”