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Craig Alan Art and Originals

Craig Alan's artistic style is distinctive, focusing on technical skill and creativity. Alan's paintings feature recognisable faces, buildings and abstract shapes created through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tiny figures. Craig Alan's paintings convey the message that all the tiny details in life make a bigger picture with some of the figures representing his friends and family. Explore our range of Craig Alan prints and art to add a contemporary, unique piece to your collection.

Craig Alan Artist Information

Craig Alan Artist Biography Image
Craig Alan Artist Biography Image


Combining technical skill, creativity and wit, Craig portrays iconic faces, buildings and abstracts through dozens, sometimes hundreds of intricately painted, exquisite figures. Each distinctive piece is created in black and white with a touch of red on some of the more glamorous faces. In their own way, they reflect Craig’s highly recognisable take on life, where it is the small details that work together to create the big picture.

Craig carefully plans and creates each tiny figure, all which have their own identity and personality which he has thought through to the finest details. In some of his extremely rare originals, he even goes as far as detailing each item of clothing on the individuals. His cast of characters include family members, friends and models, giving his work a uniquely personal touch. Each piece contains a range of 400 to 1,800 people in it depending on the type of work it is, and he spends anywhere from 50 to 150 working hours on one painting.