David Drebin

David Drebin Artist Biography Image
David Drebin Artist Biography Image


New York City-based photographer and multidisciplinary artist David Drebin is recognised around the world for his distinctive and slightly surreal cinematic images and installations. From dreamlike panoramas of iconic cities emerging from the mist to glamorous women floating in a vast expanse of seemingly empty ocean, his work draws us into a place where nothing is predictable, conventional or familiar.

Choosing unexpected angles from which to observe his subjects, Drebin accentuates the solitude of his female figures in their strange, sometimes dangerous, uninhabited worlds. The feeling of lingering drama is emphasised by the sharpness and the high definition quality of the figurative work, while the softer edges of the panoramic dreamscapes are more gently enigmatic. Each evocative photograph tells its own story but leaves the viewer space to interpret its meaning and possible ending through their own psychological perspective; one senses that no two responses will ever be the same.