David Stesner

David Stesner Artist Biography Image
David Stesner Artist Biography Image


Pioneering New York artist David Stesner creates visually stunning, deeply personal images in response to the emotions which characterise the human experience. A combination of classicism, surrealism and urban chic, his most recent work is focused on the symbolic beauty of butterflies, set against a highly stylised, and often branded, backdrop. Each piece is presented as a photograph on archival metallic paper under acrylic, which gives it a radiant intensity and clarity, and makes a unique impact in any setting.

The collection, entitled The Butterfly Project, was originally inspired by two major events in David’s own life, one joyful, one tragic. He has photographed many of the world’s most exotic butterflies and used their qualities - iridescence, symmetry, transience - as a means through which to reflect on his own emotions, relationships and actions, and to explore the ways in which our own experiences of the world change us.