Ewan David Eason

Ewan David Eason Artist Biography Image
Ewan David Eason Artist Biography Image


Ewan David Eason creates exquisite graphic artworks inspired by his passion for cartography and celebrating social inclusion and diversity. His acclaimed ‘Mappa Mundi’ series (Latin for ‘chart of the world’) is designed, he says, to create nostalgia, aspiration, and wonder, and invites his audience to think about and appreciate their immediate and wider environment in new ways.

Hereford Cathedral’s 13th Century Mappa Mundi was the catalyst for this series. As with all Mappa Mundi, it was centred on a place of significance, in this case Jerusalem, considered by the church to be the centre of the world at the time. These ancient maps were always circular in deference to the Biblical description of the earth as a circle. In his innovative contemporary interpretations, Eason builds his own circular works around places which have personal significance for him: his first ever piece was centred on London’s Oxo Tower where he proposed to his wife, and he has centred Paris around the Louvre and New York around Central Park, both locations which resonate with him as an artist.