Hamish Mackie


Hamish Mackie Artist Biography Image
Hamish Mackie Artist Biography Image


Hamish Mackie’s bronze wildlife sculptures capture and interpret instinctive moments of animal behaviour. He believes passionately in close observation, often involving intense research trips; his travels in search of animals in their natural habitat have taken him from Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia to Africa, The UAE, Australia and India, as well as all over Europe. He often sculpts from life in the field, and this informs his whole approach which resonates with his love for the natural world.

Hamish works in spontaneous, often unrepeatable, fluid gestures with a confidence born from many years of mastering his craft. This assertive handling of his materials, coupled with an acute understanding of anatomy, results in strong, dynamic, ‘living’ sculpture, and his uniquely recognisable style conveys the core strength and grace of his subject. When he gives us a leopard climbing a tree or a horse caught mid-jump, every tensed muscle and sinew is shown. Even when he sculpts animals in repose, he hints at the flickering eyelid and the pulse beneath the skin, and the sense of compressed energy and strength is palpable.

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