Harry Bunce

Harry Bunce art is quirky and distinctive, featuring animals which are often cute but rarely cuddly. Harry Bunce originals and prints draw inspiration from children's illustrators such as Richard Scarry, Dr Seuss and and Beatrix Potter, but combine these innocent ideas with unexpected overtones of Quintin Tarantino! Stylised, contemporary and influenced by street art, his work also pays tribute to modern masters including David Hockney and Keith Haring. Browse our full range of Harry Bunce prints and originals below.

Harry Bunce Artist Information

Harry Bunce Artist Biography Image
Harry Bunce Artist Biography Image


Harry Bunce has carved out a unique position in the art world with his cast of cute, but not always cuddly, creatures. His quirky and distinctive paintings and sculptures of rabbits and cats defy categorisation, combining illustration, street art and fine art with a biting sense of humour. Collectors have described his work as ‘Beatrix Potter meets Quentin Tarantino’ and dubbed him our ‘rural Banksy.’ 

After a brief and volatile spell at Art School, Harry studied Fashion and Textiles at Bristol and spent two decades working in fashion. In 2007 his life was changed by a simple question he was asked by an old school friend at a party - “How’s the art going?” - and he began to draw and paint around existing commitments, often working late into the night in a frenzied attempt to make up for lost time. The pieces he produced around this time had much in common with folk art: whimsical portraits of British wildlife that were designed to appeal to the general public and not to the elite of the art establishment.  

The early influences which first sparked his interest in drawing and painting are still some of the most important to Harry, and he cites classic children’s authors and illustrators including Richard Scarry, Dr. Seuss  and Beatrix Potter as key. In sharp contrast he acknowledges the impact of Punk, which blew his 10 year old self away when it erupted onto the UK music scene. Also into this eclectic mix come modern masters such as David Hockney and Keith Haring , whose familiar presence makes itself felt in his work on occasion.