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Ilana Gal

Ilana Gal Artist Biography Image
Ilana Gal Artist Biography Image


Ilana has been painting for two decades and her work has been the subject of numerous successful exhibitions all over the world. Ilana Gal’s lively and colourful paintings never begin with the visualisation of an idea or statement; rather they grow in an organic process that leaves room for random and unexpected occurrences. At first glance, they have a deceptive naivite. On closer examination however, the strangely piercing expressions of the characters and the intriguing composition imbue them with an unexpected emotional impact. This results in a strong sense of meaningful engagement between the viewer and the painting. The characters who seem so central to Ilana’s powerful and expressive works are only part of the story however. She says: “I use these figures as the means of creating and emphasising the interplay between colours. I am looking for the harmony and composition between lines and colours, that’s my playground, my working material, my language…”

Born in Israel, Ilana spend part of her childhood in Africa, and this experience had a profound influence on her style.

Other influences on her organic and unconventional work include Aboriginal art, Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Michel Basquiat.