Jacob Joseph Smith


Jacob Joseph Smith Artist Biography Image
Jacob Joseph Smith Artist Biography Image


As well as possessing exceptional creativity, imagination and talent, Jacob Joseph Smith is an artist with attitude. While his work explores the colours, tropes and devices associated with pop art, it expands on these ideas in an intriguing and unusual way. Interested in the idea of impermanence, existence versus non-existence, he combines the playfulness of pop with traditional gothic elements, making him one of the most fascinating and original artists at work in the UK.

Jacob’s work reflects his eclectic influences, from Ancient Greek sculpture to the power of myths in a modern age. Although these may seem disparate, they are linked by their interest in symbolism and the way they tap into the archetypal imagery of our collective unconscious. Each piece is created as a story that invites us to enter uncharted territory and embrace a new vision of life as we know it, or as we thought we did.

These detailed and strangely beautiful images are originally conceived digitally as a through-composed narrative using 3d modelling software – a process favoured by some of the world’s best known artists including Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons - but then translated into tangible hyper-realistic painting using traditional skills and methodology. Jacob builds up layer upon layer of colour, shape and texture by hand using oil paints to create meditative imagery in which the macabre is juxtaposed with the bright and the beautiful in a vignette which seems both ancient and modern.