Jisbar Artist Biography Image
Jisbar Artist Biography Image


Jean-Baptiste Launay, better known as Jisbar, is famous around the world for his recreations of existing masterpieces in the context of pop and street art. He has taken many of the most iconic works from Leonardo and Warhol, Kahlo and Klimt, enriching and embellishing them with slogans, numbers and codes, creating an entirely new and contemporary story around an original classic.

This striking blend of tradition and anarchy has shaped a clear and unique identity for Jisbar and has inspired an entire generation of followers. Mixing elements of drawing and painting using water and oil-based paints, spray paint, pastels and pen work he creates multi-layered canvases that issue a challenge to every individual viewer to find their own meaning by focusing on every single detail. He loves to hide personal information in the paintings, and the abundance of messages, ideas and hidden clues generate new angles, each of which offers a new way of interpreting the painting.