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Judith Bridgland

Born in Australia, Judith has lived in Scotland since 1965 and now describes herself as a Scottish painter. Created in oil on linen canvases, Judith Bridgland paintings are bold and expressive contemporary landscapes, confronting the drama and emotion of the natural world and amplifying all that is beautiful in it. Browse Clarendon's Judith Bridgland artist portfolio to add a unique original landscape or a set of Judith Bridgland prints to your collection.

Judith Bridgland Artist Information

Judith Bridgland Artist Biography Image
Judith Bridgland Artist Biography Image


Scottish artist, Judith Bridgland, is considered a rising star in the art world. She is best known for creating dramatic and bold landscapes using oil on linen canvases that use expressive colour and brush strokes. Judith Bridgland's paintings are ideal for collectors that like landscape and nature prints with a pop of colour and contemporary influences. Browse Clarendon's full range of Judith Bridgland paintings below and reach out to us to find out more about the artist.

Judith has built her life in art around the close observation of landscape and nature, and has travelled around the UK for many years. In 2020 however, circumstances dictated a new way of working and she became more focused on the passing of the seasons and the minutiae of daily changes to her surroundings. Inspiration came from re-exploring the territory closer to home - her garden, local parkland, favourite familiar walks - and although she has now joyfully returned to her former way of working and expanded her horizons, she believes that this period in her life has made her work more meaningful and poignant.

Judith’s latest work is an exuberant celebration of the Scottish landscape, from the Campsie Fells and Ben Lomond which she can see from her own home, across to East Lothian and North Berwick, through the farmland of Ayrshire and the mountains of Argyll on the west, and up to the islands of Skye and Harris via the ‘Road to the Isles’. Every painting tells a story of a single moment, of what it was like to be there on a particular day at a particular time.