Krisztina Lencses


Krisztina Lencses Artist Biography Image
Krisztina Lencses Artist Biography Image


The wildlife portraiture of Krisztina Lencses is characterised by accuracy, immediacy and great charm. Her sensitive approach gives the viewer a strong sense that there is an emotional bond between artist and subject, an affection and admiration which is manifest in every brushstroke. The works are powerful and impressive, but most of all, they are captivating, drawing us in to share a moment with some of the most beautiful wild animals on the planet.

With a style rooted in both traditional tenets and contemporary interpretation, Krisztina is often described as a realist, and she demonstrates a close attention to detail in a bid for exceptional authenticity. She harnesses those magical qualities unique to her medium of oils which bestow a luminous and living quality on each piece. There is always atmosphere, a strong sense of three dimensional space, and an expressive vitality to each painting; these elements combines to create a sense of a whole living and breathing subject on the canvas. She says: “I find it fascinating and enormously rewarding to paint wildlife, and feel very privileged to have the opportunity. Not only are these creatures incredibly beautiful to look at, they are also hugely vulnerable, and becoming more and more so as an increasing number of species becomes endangered. When I paint one of these portraits, I always hope that it will connect people with wildlife, and serve as a reminder of the importance of these animals to our planet, our environment and our future.”

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