Miguel Peidro

Miguel Peidro Artist Biography Image
Miguel Peidro Artist Biography Image


Miguel Peidro’s passion for painting and nature elegantly intertwine in his radiant meditations on the landscape. Characterised by vibrant colour and flawless composition, they have a luminous quality which draws us into a place of calm and beauty and reminds us to stop, draw breath, and appreciate the world around us.

Miguel is intrigued by the way in which different elements of nature – a tree in full leaf, a shaft of sunlight, a fast flowing stream - work together to create the exquisite scenes he captures with such affection and skill. Every harmonious scene resonates with his love for his subject, and invites us to share his vision.

A recurring theme in Miguel’s work is reflection and he is particularly intrigued by the impact of water within the landscape. In this collection, lakes, rivers, even pools of water invading a muddy footpath, are explored and we see how they reflect not only the light but also the vitality of the natural world.