Natasha Barnes

South African artist Natasha Barnes’ paintings explore the relationship between water and the hidden treasures found deep beneath the surface. She engages with a range of natural but exotic subjects, from lotus flowers to crocodiles and occasionally moves into an elegant world of abstraction. Natasha Barnes original compositions, characterised by vivid colours and bold, painterly textures, are created in water based mediums applied in confident brushstrokes. Discover our full range of Natasha Barnes art below.

Natasha Barnes Artist Information

Natasha Barnes Artist Biography Image
Natasha Barnes Artist Biography Image


The vibrant abstract paintings of South African artist Natasha Barnes are inspired by her travels all over the world. She believes that all our life experiences are absorbed and that as an artist her role is to respond to them on canvas. “Every painting is a mood, a reflection of what is happening in my mind. Some days are quiet but every day is a painting, a whole new way of looking at the world.”

Natasha’s most recent work explores the relationship between water and the deep hidden treasures found beneath the surface. In particular, the lotus flower provides her with endless inspiration as a flower that blooms only in adversity; a beguiling metaphor for Natasha’s personal belief that beautiful things can emerge from darkness. She says, “It is astounding that such a beautiful flower can bloom and be at ease in muddy waters. You will find this mark in all my work; look for the lotus in your painting.”She further explores the complex nature of habitat and identity found around water in Asia and Africa drawn from her own experiences. Crocodiles feature in many of her works, providing a connection between places, spaces, lives and continents. She explains: I am fascinated by what is found both on the surface and below the water. You cannot touch the same water twice - it is transient, but it is also life.”