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Patrick Rubinstein Kinetic Art

Patrick Rubinstein is a well-renowned kinetic artist whose pieces are instantly recognisable. Rubinstein's art perfectly blends creativity and innovation to create an animated perspective in his pieces. Patrick Rubinstein's art mostly focuses on what he calls the double principle, where two images appear to blend into one. This technique used avant-garde methods including layering and angles. If you're looking for a universal art piece to add to your collection, Patrick Rubinstein's art is the perfect addition.

Patrick Rubinstein Artist Information

Patrick Rubinstein Artist Biography Image
Patrick Rubinstein Artist Biography Image


Patrick Rubinstein’s pioneering kinetic artworks pay tribute to the most renowned icons from the second half of the 20th century and offer an extraordinary viewing adventure. Using aspects of Surrealism, Street, Pop Art and Renaissance, he blends creativity, innovation and science to give each work an animated and perpetually self-renewing aspect.

Born in Paris in 1960, Patrick grew up in the shadow of artists such as Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley and Yaacov Agam, leading figures in the Op (optical) Art and Kinetic Art movements, whose work was introduced to him by his father. He was fascinated by the way they combined geometric lines and shapes with eye-popping colour to create the illusion of movement and play with the limits of the human eye’s perception, and they became the primary influence on his own artistic evolution. However, while their artwork was subtle, disorientating and abstract, Patrick’s is more intuitive and attuned to popular culture and the stories of the day, making his images accessible and highly engaging to a contemporary audience; like Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana before him, he believes that art should provoke a universal emotion.