Rock Therrien


Rock Therrien Artist Biography Image
Rock Therrien Artist Biography Image


Rock Therrien creates upbeat paintings in which iconic characters take centre stage in a vintage setting highlighted with touches of luminous neon.

Drawing inspiration from fragments of his life Rock is particularly influenced by the movies, music and animation of his childhood as well as by his travels around the world and the status of popular culture in different societies. Each work is conceived as a complex message to be unravelled, and every painting tells a story. We are invited to look closely and read the clues – to interpret what we see in our own way. First, our attention is captured with the accessible and familiar subject matter and distinctive palette. Then, he attempts to make us smile with those amusing touches that divert us from everyday life. Finally when we are drawn in, we start to see deeper into what the artist is telling us in his highly personal visual language. As one collector pointed out, “First he makes you smile, then he makes you think."

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