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Toby Mulligan

Toby Mulligan art combines charcoal, varnishes and inks to create dynamic contemporary paintings of the human figure which can be found in collections ranging from that of Mick Jagger’s French chateau to the National Portrait Gallery of Edinburgh. Clarendon is proud to showcase some exceptionally beautiful Toby Mulligan prints and original artwork. To find out more about the artist or his work, please do get in touch, or you can browse our available Toby Mulligan artist portfolio below.

Toby Mulligan Artist Information

Toby Mulligan Artist Biography Image
Toby Mulligan Artist Biography Image


Toby Mulligan’s distinctive contemporary figures have won him both critical and public acclaim. He works in a variety of media including charcoal on paper and inks. He is deeply engaged with the whole creative process so often grinds his own pigments and has been known to experiment with varnishes, wax, medieval paint recipes and rolls of wallpaper.

His spontaneous style has developed over many years. When he begins a piece, he does not prepare with sketches or planning, but simply starts to paint or draw, and each work is intuitive, spirited and extraordinary. He uses a wide range of models, but feels that his best work comes from making a connection with the person he paints. Although he does use photographs, his preference is always to paint from life and to form this connection with the model.