Virginie Schroeder

Virginie Schroeder Artist Biography Image
Virginie Schroeder Artist Biography Image


Virginie Schroeder’s pop art inspired portraits combine abstraction and realism to offer us a new way of looking at the world’s most iconic faces. In a precise and elaborate exploration of geometry, colour and texture, Schroeder deconstructs familiar features and recreates them as a series of hand-painted linear strokes which seem to float independently on the canvas; but when viewed from a distance, each apparently abstract composition resolves into a beautiful and accurate likeness of its subject. Schroeder’s highly skilled and meticulous process is complemented by her playful approach. Using palette knives and syringes, she applies and reworks multiple layers of oil paints often in bright, fluorescent colours to build her subjects line by vibrant line. As the viewer moves around the canvas, the image seems to shift and change, and this dynamic quality lends it unique depth and character.