A New World
by Philip Gray

Edition of 195 Framed
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Medium: Canvas on Board
Artwork Size: 30″ × 30
Framed Size 38″ × 38″ Framed
Subject: Landscape, Skyscape
Style: Contemporary

About this product

When ‘extreme artist’ Philip Gray completed his expedition to Everest Base Camp and set up his easel at 20,000ft, the experience changed his life and he has been painting the Himalayas ever since. This majestic mountain landscape contrasts the snow, ice and sheer scale of these seemingly inaccessible peaks with two tiny figures, mountaineers brave enough to face one of nature’s greatest challenges. Measuring 30 x 30”, ‘A New World’ will introduce a sense of awe and wonder into any interior space. It is available as a framed limited edition of 195 copies.

Biography and work by Philip Gray