Original Painting Framed
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Medium: Original Painting on Box Canvas
Artwork Size: 59″ × 39
Framed Size 64″ × 44″ Framed
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Hand painted and crafted using her own uniquely developed techniques, Alea’s remarkable portraits explore the territory between perception and reality, the virtual and the corporeal. She chooses to represent faces that seem to hold a secret behind the eyes; faces that combine vulnerability with strength and have a story to tell.

Using a range of materials and media, Alea painstaking paints her images line by line, in a loving and lengthy process which combines accuracy and distortion to depict an alternative version of life which has an ethereal, almost mystical effect. At first sight, our perception of the figurative subject is warped by the highly textural nature of the work, but by layering and reinterpreting them with tangible substances – gilding, glass paints, acrylics, epoxy and more, she reconnects us with the everyday.

Biography and work by Alea Pinar Du Pre

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