Balloons Over Paris
by David Drebin

Edition of 10 Framed
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Medium: C-Type Print with Diamond Dust
Artwork Size: 25″ × 60
Framed Size 31″ × 66″ Framed
Subject: Icons
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Dreamlike 60x25” collector’s edition ‘Balloons Over Paris’, released as an exclusive limited edition of 10, by New York City-based photographer David Drebin, is an atmospheric panoramic view of the iconic city of Paris. A collection of blue, yellow and pink balloons gliding through the capital city towards the Eiffel Tower gives a surreal and cinematic feel to the image. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s diamond dust prints, Drebin’s embellishment creates a shimmering surface that generates a feeling of magic sure to make the piece an exceptional addition to any collection.

Biography and work by David Drebin