Edition of 49

27″ × 40
34″ × 47″ Framed
Limited Edition Print

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Patrick is a UK born artist who received his BFA from the Wimbledon School of Arts in London, graduating in 2003. He went on to hone his craft as a framer and teach GCSE and A level art. It was then that he began to collage his work as a process he was working on with his students. He now specialises in portraiture using collage and heavy impasto oil paint as his primary mediums.

After living most of his life in Brighton, Patrick was drawn to and inspired by the vibrant Berlin art scene and relocated quite recently. He stocks up on old tattered books and magazines each weekend from the local markets to use as his palette. He aims to approach his collages as paintings by using blocks of paper as one would loaded brushmarks, always inspired by the impasto mark making of Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon, among others.

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Biography and work by Patrick Bremer

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