Chasing My Dreams
by Robin Coleman

Original Collage Framed
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Medium: Original Collage
Artwork Size: 39″ × 39
Framed Size 44″ × 44″ Framed
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Robin Coleman has achieved international renown by creating his own highly personal style of pop art which is completely unlike any other art on the contemporary market. Technically impressive, stylistically distinctive, but most of all, instantly engaging, each of his innovative pieces brims with character and cultural references and introduces life, light colour into any interior.

Initially Robin worked exclusively as a painter, but as he explored a wider array of media his work moved into a whole new dimension and began to bring him global recognition. He now incorporates elements ranging from magazine cuttings, stamps and newsprint to vintage comic book characters, often from the original publications, and pays homage to other artists, particularly Roy Lichtenstein. Although his work is at home on gallery walls, he paints and composes his dazzling collages on surfaces taken directly from the street; ranging from skateboards to road signs, these introduce an artful frisson of urban drama and authenticity.

Biography and work by Robin Coleman

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