City Cyclists

Richard Burel

Original Painting

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32″ × 31
36″ × 36″ Framed
Original Painting on Stretched Canvas

About this product

Richard Burel is celebrated for his humorous and colourful townscapes and his original and highly recognisable style. Each scene has a simple narrative which is brought to life by figures and structural details that have amused him or fired his imagination. In his most recent work he has introduced a range of ‘superheroes’ who, he says “are now in their middle years and are no longer 'A' listers on the celebrity scene… a little rusty and unpredictable!” But in the midst of the whimsy, there is a genuinely formed impression of a living, breathing city clothed in distinctive urban architecture.

Employing a technique of layering paint and collage, Richard incorporates rich, jewel like colours and creates an extravagant visual treat. He has always been a daydreamer, and prefers to let the image emerge by freeing his creative process rather than constructing his paintings in rigid and logical fashion. Using a variety of tools he adds pastels, inks and gold leaf to his vibrant collages creating a sense of depth that draws the viewer in to his world of vivid colour and quirky charm.

Biography and work by Richard Burel

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