Flight of Fantasy
by Dan Pearce

Edition of 49 Framed
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Medium: Hand Embellished Mixed Media Edition
Artwork Size: 36″ × 23
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary

About this product

‘Flight of Fantasy’ is a genuine showstopper – a three dimensional piece of wall art which has been meticulously devised and created to bring together two cultural touchstones. The skull, so beloved of the memento mori artists of the 17th century has returned as a key feature in 21st century pop and street art, and this one has been built from a mass of intricately shaped individual butterflies, themselves a powerful symbol of regeneration and rebirth. The strong choice of darkest black set against a white background intensifies both the drama and the unexpected beauty of the subject. Measuring 23 x 36”, this powerful 3d mixed media image has been released in an exclusive edition of just 49, enhancing its status as a highly desirable collector’s piece.

Biography and work by Dan Pearce