Carl Payne

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Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Artwork Size: 26″ × 6
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Carl Payne’s extraordinary figurative sculpture is based on traditional tenets but has a bold contemporary style. He is part of an artistic movement in which technical skill, quality and craftsmanship are valued and enjoyed within a modern and forward thinking aesthetic. He is inspired by music, the female form and a host of artistic figures including Rodin, Alfred Gilbert and Charles Sargant Jagger, as well as many of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Born in Staffordshire in 1969 Carl was interested in art from an early age and was commissioned by the local council to spray a mural on a park bandstand. This experience inspired him to pursue a career in art and he enrolled at college to study surface pattern design, but it was here that he discovered his talent for sculpting by boldly accepting a commission from a local businessman. He surprised himself with his natural skill and changed direction to qualify in Figurative Sculpture.

Biography and work by Carl Payne

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