Horse Saddled With Time
by Salvador Dali

Edition of 350
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Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Artwork Size: 17″ × 22
Subject: Animals, Icons
Style: Surrealist

About this product

Salvador Dalí’s Horse Saddled with Time bronze sculpture depicts a horse reared on its hind legs, captured in mid-motion. This concept of lapsed time is one that concerned Dalí greatly, as is seen in his most famous motif of the melted clock. A soft clock can be found draped over the saddle of the horse, with a second timepiece hanging near its hoof. The horse almost appears to outstretch its leg as if reaching towards it. Both weighed down by time and grasping for it, this action represents the very human condition of being constricted by the concept of time.

Biography and work by Salvador Dali

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