Joyful Days by the Sea
by Sherree Valentine Daines

Edition of 195 Framed
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Medium: Canvas on Board
Artwork Size: 14″ × 30
Framed Size 23″ × 39″ Framed
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Sherree Valentine-Daines is renowned for her affectionate portrayals of childhood innocence. Limited edition Joyful Days by the Sea illustrates this exquisitely by centring the focus on the three children at the heart of the image. “If your subject is moving as you sketch and photograph, it allows you to capture their movements in a way that somehow a camera doesn’t quite do.” – Daines. Their red buckets and spades allow us to recall our own fond memories of family days like these whilst also appreciating the setting of blue skies, rolling waters and the lively seaside full of children, surfers, sailboats and parasols.

Biography and work by Sherree Valentine Daines