Le Colosse, 1972

Salvador Dali

Limited Edition Etching
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26″ × 17
40″ × 31″ Framed
Drypoint etching with aquatint on Arches paper

About this product

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989)
Le Colosse, 1972
Drypoint etching with aquatint in colours, on Arches France watermarked paper
Signed and annotated by the artist in pencil
Published by Editions d’Art de Francony, France
Printed by Ateliers Rigal, Paris, France
Image: 575 x 370 mm. (22⅝ x 14½ in.)
Sheet: 760 x 560 mm. (30 x 22 in.)

Biography and work by Salvador Dali

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