Love In The City
by Fabian Perez

Edition of 95 Framed
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Medium: Embellished Canvas on Board
Artwork Size: 15″ × 12
Framed Size 25″ × 22″ Framed
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Love in the City, the new collectable limited edition from leading figurative artist Fabian Perez, has been released in an exclusive edition of 95. The embellished canvas on board piece, measuring 12 x 15”, features a couple, dressed in black, sharing an intimate (and maybe stolen) moment in one of Buenos Aires’ avenidas, after-dark. There is a story here but it is left to us to decide the narrative; are they making up, breaking up or simply saying goodbye? Are they reunited or united, for one night only, for a passing moment of passion? When displayed with its partner piece, Hollywood Boulevard, perhaps a new chapter of the tale will be revealed but, whether part of a pair or displayed as a solo statement piece, this intriguing and atmospheric image would make not only interesting talking point but also a beautiful addition to any contemporary fine art collection.

Biography and work by Fabian Perez

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