Mappa Mundi London (Black on Copper)
by Ewan David Eason

Edition of 10 Framed
Black on Copper 41″ × 41″ Hand Finished Print on Aluminium
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Medium: Hand Finished Print on Aluminium
Artwork Size: 41″ × 41
Subject: Cityscape
Style: Contemporary

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Every artwork in this series is unique and handmade. Eason uses a range of metal leaf in copper, silver and gold tones to lay down an opulent reflective surface; onto this, rivers, roads, paths and parks are printed in either black or white. The metals Eason chooses to work with represent the high and equal value of the people living in the chosen cities, a deliberate statement rejecting the use of colours in influential 19th century maps to define social class. His dedication to accuracy and complex detail means that as well as being recognised as artworks, his Mappa Mundi have won numerous awards from the Cartographic Society and the Ordnance Survey.

Biography and work by Ewan David Eason

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