Matterhorn Glacier II
by Sevan Garo

Edition of 10
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Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Artwork Size: 22″ × 24
Subject: Landscape
Style: Contemporary

About this product

“I want the sculptures to play a part in reconnecting people to their environment. Conversation is key, and my sculptures are made with this in mind to trigger something, however immediate or lasting, about the significance, beauty, and fragility of our natural world.”

Sevan Garo produces sculptures which embody the contrast within nature. His works capture the monumental strength of the glacier’s form, while at the same time signifying its fragility.

Sevan trained and studied as a sculptor, and is the Founder and creative force behind Garogosi Glacier Wears, a bespoke jewellery brand that produces ‘wearable sculptures’, first inspired by one of his own sculptures shattering to the floor on the day of his first solo exhibition opening at The Hague in The Netherlands.

Biography and work by Sevan Garo

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